Chelsea Flower Show 2013

In May, as the horticultural calendar starts to unwind, those that can, show off their latest designs, often garden designers are commissioned to design a garden by a sponsor hoping to gain media coverage from winning a coveted gold medal or even better still best in show…

I had a wander around the grounds of the Royal Hospital Chelsea to find out exactly what all the fuss was about!

The show is always a sellout so I sometimes I have to pay the asking price which is about £70-90, which is a lot ‘o’ freaking money! but I usually manage to wangle a free ticket or a press pass so that’s all good…

The show consists of main avenue which is where all the big sponsors have their gardens, using only the cream of mainly English designers, then all around the edges, lesser known designers design smaller, more intimate gardens in categories ranging from conceptual to urban chic and artisan.

It’s a lovely day out especially for someone that aspires to design gardens on the main drag (when I get older) and enjoys getting drunk, I suppose the only annoying factor is the droves of uber rich pensioners shunting round like cattle with a what what here and a what what there….

Other than the gardens there are plenty of trade stands selling innovative products and two HUGE marquees full of specialist nurseries selling plants and seeds by the thousand, also there are many florists that exhibit their talents through some truly breathtaking displays.